Our main focus is to help businesses grow through creative online advertising. By far the most powerful (and cheapest) tool is social media advertising. Owner George Edmondson knows first hand how powerful social media can be. Utilizing his own marketing techniques, George landed a record deal for his band. The deciding factor for the label was noticing the bands high play count on the myspace music page. The band’s page has had over 800,000 song plays, and signed them to a $32,000 recording contract.

When we first speak with tentative clients, our top priority is to create long lasting relationships. After that we get to business. We ask our clients to dig deep into their wildest dreams. Whether it be a business, or a wedding, or an up and coming band. Imagine what you want to represented as. The imagination of our client helps us bring the absolute best product on the other side. Then we get to the really fun stuff; creating.

We mold the imagine with the real. We give a life to something that was once a thought. A picture. We create a file that will potentially turn your business more profitable, because people see it, and want your product. We turn a moment in your life you want to relive over and over and over again into a file that will live right along with you. We help a band or a musician grow into a success through the creation of a digital file that is sent thousands of miles away and impresses just the right guy at just the right time.

All of what we do is to help you succeed. It will get your business more traffic, it will give your grandchildren something to see from your past, it will give your fans something to enjoy. We always look at success as a win/win. We win because you are happy, and you win because your investment turns a profit. Whether it be a financial profit, or simply an emotional one.