Remove flicker from video.


Do it with iOS.

Do it with Final Cut Pro.


Seed De Flicker iOS App

Seed De Flicker removes artificial light flicker from iPhone Slow Motion video. 
Don't let that amazing shot you just got in slowmotion look like poo! Throw Seed De Flicker on that thing and share a beautiful Flicker Free video right from your iPhone!


Seed De Flicker - for FCPX

Seed De Flicker is an effect built for Final Cut Pro X that allows users to reduce and remove unwanted flickering caused by slowmotion, improper shutterspeeds, drone prop shadows, and more. 



  • Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3+ required.


Consumer Reviews and Examples

Consumer Reviews and examples

From Jon Belew Flicker can happen when taking still images and combining them together to create a video. This plugin from Seed Digital Media helps with this type of flicker, as well as flicker that happens from other light sources such as tv screens, Led lighting, and when using high frame rate footage.

Wanted to find something with text to test the new Seed De-Flicker plugin for FCP X. I'm happy with the results. I used these shots because I figured the text would give the plugin a decent "stress" test. I dropped the plugin on the footage without making changes to any of the settings. For $30 and the results you can achieve I highly recommend Seed De-Flicker!

What you will receive. 

Upon download you will receive a zip file containing a DMG installer. Double click your zip, then double click your DMG. Drag the Seed De Flicker Folder onto the fcpx effects folder and drop. Seed De Flicker is now installed!

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