I ask advice almost everyday online. There are pro's and cons to this. Pro of course is when someone responds and they actually know what they're talking about. The con is when EVERYONE ELSE RESPONDS. Use your best judgment and weed out the 'PROS" from the "EVERYBODY ELSE." 

One thing that particularly frustrates me though is when someone says "I'm going to buy ____ so I can further my business." Then someone replies "don't do that, wait until the NEW SHINY _____ comes out...I think they're announcing it in two weeks."

Here is what happens. Two weeks comes and goes...and no sign of a new ____. Now what? You've just wasted OVER two weeks. 

When I bought my brand new iMac I posted a picture of me hugging it in a group. The comments came pouring in about how I "should've waited on the NEW iMac blah blah blah..." that was 6 months new iMac as of yet has been announced. I have edited dozens of projects now with this thing, and it has allowed me to speed up my process and make more money. 

DON'T WAIT! If you have the budget and the need for something just get it and get to work. Unless it is SET IN STONE a new shiny whatever is coming out and it's in a timeframe that works with your schedule then DON'T WAIT based on assumptions from some keyboard warrior a thousand miles away.

George EdmondsonComment