Where is Seed Creative going?

Seed Creative is a professional video production company based in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Currently the company is two people. George Edmondson (me/the owner) and Jacob Cantrell (the right hand man.) 

My goal for Seed Creative is very clear and extremely muddy all at the same time. I plan to have a studio at some point, would love by the end of 2017 to start seriously looking. Having a studio brings on many benefits and many challenges. It's great for green screen or background interview videos, great for client meetings, great for collaboration editing. However those things are currently happening just fine with our working from home.....so is it really worth the extra expense? What do you think!? Comment below! 

With that said a studio is inevitable, as my plan for SC is to become a full production house. As Tuscaloosa grows, so will Seed Creative. More businesses are seeing the value in professionally produced content for social media, and of course for internal purposes. Be on the look out for a big green sign with trees all over it sometime soon ;) 

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