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I don't blog enough. I know it's like, really good for SEO and such..but I just never have the time or desire. I also don't know that I could provide any relevant information that the normal non video person would find engaging. I do however believe I can type something out most folks can at least read until the end.

I'm VERY (overly) involved with facebook/instagram. I post way too much. I do this because honestly I just like talking with folks and giving people a reason to say something to me so I can respond. Others may also call this loving attention, and I guess that's ok too. 

With all that posting I normally post stuff about my business, and I get asked all the time "how do you get business (new clients)?" I am here to try and answer that the best I can. 

When I started this business full time in 2014 I had no clue what I was really doing. I have about 10 years of true sales experience, and that obviously helps. I learned early, at 18, that if you want someone to notice you...and eventually buy what you're selling...you have to do something to get noticed. It's actually really easy though. TALK. Talk a lot about what you do and what you want people to know about. It's annoying sometimes yes, but hey...so what? 

The other word is ASK. If you don't ask for sales/new business then guess what, no new sales...no new business. This is 100% fact starting out but after a while word of mouth starts happening (if you have a good product) and you don't have to ask quite as much. 

I emailed/called/walked in 80-90 businesses a week introducing myself and what I did. A majority with no replies, then most of the rest answering with thanks but not interested. Few though, and that's all you need sometimes, answered with "tell us more." 

Now, and I don't want to sound like I'm bragging...but more like I'm encouraging. I am turning down or scheduling video shoots out weeks and months in advance. A MAJORITY is word of mouth. I have increased my rates, and I'm getting more work at the same time. In January of 2014 I had $500 in sales. In January of this year I had more in sales in one month than the first 8 months of starting my business. 

I am thankful for the opportunities God has given my family and me. I am SO thankful for my wife. Without her persistence in telling me to pursue this I would still be driving a truck everyday delivering floormats and uniforms. I am thankful for my job I had delivering floormats and uniforms, because that company taught me so much about business, and was actually my first real corporate client for video.

Anyway, I am really doing this to boost SEO, hence the title of my blog. I just figured I would have something somewhat interesting to talk about ;) If anyone has any questions PLEASE ask away and I'll have more to blog about! Hit the like and share button too! Peace!