Nick Saban Signature Series Mercedes Sprinter Van

I had the absolute privilege of shooting the promotional content for McSweeney Designs, Nick Saban, and Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham recently. It was an awesome experience, especially considering I m an Alabama fan :)

A lot of people asked me what ole' Nicky was like. Well, he was honestly pretty calm, cool, and quiet. Speaking only when necessary and asking all the appropriate questions about design elements, nodding in approval over all of the aspects of the vehicle. I thought I would be nervous shooting such a high profile person, but honestly it felt like any other shoot. We had to be quick, as Nick was gearing up for the Tide's first game of the season. We were in and out. I brought my mentor and friend Lance Holloway along to help with the photography as I couldn't shoot both video and photo simultaneously in that short amount of time. He did great as expected! just released more info about the new sprinter so head over there and get more details and take a look at the video below!

George EdmondsonComment