Tuscaloosa Video Production Company Seed Digital media 2015 re-cap

So. 2015 is almost over! Seed still has several shoots left in the year but hey, I felt like posting an almost year end blog. 

It's been a crazy year both personally and business wise. On January 1st our family was rocked with a pretty rough miscarriage. This obviously put us in a bit of a spiral right at the beginning of the year. I continued pushing the business, but was forced to not work as much as I had liked bc I needed to be able to help my wife through this, and help my children through this as well.

Over the months the miscarriage took its toll on us emotionally. We wanted a 4th child SO bad. Well, we are happy to say our 4th child Rosie is due in February :)

Back to Seed. This year was the 2nd fulltime year of Seed's existence. Happy to announce financially Seed has performed nearly DOUBLE what it did last year! GROWTH! With growth always comes more work, more complaints, more praises, more everything. Seed also became Bham based production company Vulcan Media's primary videography sub! Another Woo-hoo! 

I got to shoot with some incredible people this year. Shot a video with Nick Saban which was awesome, shot a ton of weddings, corporate video, traveled to Maryland to begin a long journey of website design/photo/video work for Lost Ark Distilling co.,  and more! Gonna add to this later...gotta go pick a kid up from school ;) 

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