Seed De Flicker iOS App

So in May of 2015 I released a Final Cit Pro X effect to remove and reduce flickering in videos. Primarily for slow motion footage. It has done very well, and I wanted to set out to create Seed De Flicker as an app for iphone, so anyone with flickering slow motion can get rid of it right in their phone! 

I am not a developer, I am a video guy. So I reached out to a few of my dev friends and was introduced to Daniel Williams. He , like myself, was also a drummer in a heavy music band so we instantly clicked. BTW, his band was WAY bigger than mine ever was.

We spoke, he accepted the terms of the build, and got to work. We are ALMOST complete with the app and I begin filming some promotional materials for it today.

The market for this app is ALL SPORTS. Of course anyone with flickering video can use it, but sports people are constantly recording themselves in slowmotion so they can break apart techniques in their performances so they can improve. But when you film slow motion on iphone in a gym, or under street lights, or stadium lights it flickers...bad.

Seed De Flicker is automated so the user simply clicks a button to import, SDF analyzes and removes the flicker and done. You even have a nifty preview window with a before and after bar to slide. back and forth. That's my favorite part of the app...not even the fact it removes flicker, but when you preview it's like a flicker eraser. Just slide over the video and the flicker is gone. AMAZING! 

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